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                                                         WELCOME TO İSTANBUL




You AlReady  Know The Booking Date :) If you are looking for the yacht for charter, you are at the right place... 


1 ) Choose the date and the number of days - time 

2 ) Where do you want to see, what is your choice ? Bosphorus Cruise Morning Tour, Bosphorus Cruise Afternoon Tour, Bosphorus Cruise Sunset Tour  & Princess Island Tour "  Prinkipo , Halky, Antigoni, Proti, Terevintos " )

3 ) Reach us by e-mail or the quickest way by whatsapp : 0533 472 85 78 ( Mrs. Eda TOKER ) E-mail Bu e-Posta adresi istenmeyen posta engelleyicileri tarafından korunuyor. Görüntülemek için JavaScript etkinleştirilmelidir.

4 ) How do you pay it ? advence payment %50 or  cash %50  

Tour Details : Luxury Yacht Charter - Bosphorus Cruisse - Rental Boat İn İstanbul

Duration : Minimum 2 Hours

Tour Price : 250 DOLAR ( Bosphorus Tour Min. 2 Hours )

Location : Bosphorus Tour

Start : Kuruçeşme Marina ( Ortaköy ) 

End : Kuruçeşme Marina  ( Ortaköy ) 

Yacht Name : EVORA 2 ( 20 meters - Pax Maksimum 20 ) 

A leisurely cruise along the fabulous Bosphorus, starting near the Kuruçeşme Marina and taking us past Ottoman palaces, wooden 19th century waterfront mansions, modern pleasure palaces and fortresses. Yhe perfect opportunity for taking photographs along both shores of this fablet waterday

Bosphorus Cruise from our EVORA 2 yacht, we wiew the dramatic sights lining the Bosphorus wooded shores: mosques, a bridge that for a time was the world's longest and Rumeli Hisarı, a massive fortress built by Mehmet in just three months as he prepared to take İstanbul. Also noteworthy on this tour are the 19th century of the Ottoman elite and the Sultans' fanciful gingerbread palaces and hunting lodges. We cruise the Bosphorus, and from the deck of our EVORA 2 boat, take in the sights and sounds of this legendary waterway, lined with historic villages, grandiose waterfront mansions, like Anadolu Hisar, and the Baroque palaces of the late Ottoman Sultans.


Recognized for its professionalism and expertise in the yachting world, EVORA YACHT has become a reference when it comes to yacht rental on the İstanbul our team is made up of experts with over 6 years of experience and has selected a fleet of the highest quality especially. here at EVORA YACHT we pride our selves in the effort that is put into elaborating the most excuusive tours and packages


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